Coaching and Training That Bring Results…

…for your company, you will:

  • Generate a dramatic increase in your bottom line
  • Create a new meaningful and inspired approach to business,
  • Develop a culture of support, where people can thrive and grow
  • Produce sustainable performance and results
  • Design and build an environment that people are proud to be a part of!

…for your leadership skills, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put together a system to envision great things-and bring them to reality
  • Develop strategies to bring passion back to your work and maintain it!
  • Use methods to recharge your energy
  • Apply a powerful mindset that will positively impact your performance
  • Deal with the executive’s primary desease… the loneliness of the leaders

My Primary Areas of Focus:

Analyzing and transforming any state of confusion into a clear path of action.

As a leader, you have amazing ideas about where you want your company or team to go, but the path to implementation may be cloudy. I help visionaries to make the process from vision to reality more streamlined and easier to attain.


Building up an empowering culture that prevents conflicts.

Relationships are a fundamental part of any successful business, but that doesn’t mean that all leaders know how to cultivate and maintain successful ones in their organization. I work with leaders to provide them with tools and ideas to create a culture based on open communication where team members thrive while experiencing a deeper level of connection and collaboration.

Getting you “unstuck” and fostering your confidence

Did you ever happen to get so stuck in your decision making process that you found yourself procrastinating and getting frustrated? Often, a situation like this is due to a lack of internal alignment that needs to be uncovered and addressed. I help my clients not only to make critical decisions faster, but more importantly, to learn how to detect their blind spots and move forward with a strong sense of direction.

My Services Include:

  • Delivering customized consulting solutions to companies

  • Coaching executives and business owners

  • Facilitating masterminds (executives, business owners and entrepreneurs)

  • Teaching (at business schools, seminars, courses…)

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Roberto Erario


Roberto is a former executive in the banking industry, holding a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Economics and Business, and a Master in Corporate and Executive Coaching.

He is a Certified Gazelles International Coach (Scaling Up / Mastering the Rockefeller Habits), a Licensed Business and Life NLP Coach, and a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, specializing in leadership, communication and negotiation in Italy, Switzerland, England, United States and Canada.

He has trained and coached over one thousand managers, executives and business owners in Europe and North America.

His corporate clients range from Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses and include:
– Accenture
– Siemens
– Hilton Hotels
– Dun & Bradstreet
– Credit Suisse
– Dorchester Group
– Bocconi University
– Elan International
– The Duerr Group

Roberto has also taught Leadership, Teamwork and Communication courses in primary institutions, including: Il Sole 24 Ore – M24 Business School, Credit Suisse – Master “Women and Business”, School of Fashion: Master “Luxury Brand Management, Sprott-Shaw College.

Roberto lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife Annette and their daughter Evelyn.


Since my partner joined me in the journey with you Roberto we have found a new level of communication both together and with our team. Our commitment to succeed is more unified and we have more mental energy to act without fear.
Ultimately we have grown once again.

Chris Wilson, Function Point Productivity Software Inc.

I’ve been working with Roberto for several months and I’ve been really impressed by his ability in going straight to the core of the problems and in choosing the most productive coaching tools. This, mixed with his friendly approach, resulted into the most effective and quick-winning coaching sessions I’ve ever experienced.
Simone Rampichini, Cribis Dun & Bradstreet

Roberto has been a huge proponent to my personal and business success. He has helped me leverage my business from being just a good broker into becoming a great business owner. I have over doubled my sales volume since working with Roberto and plan to continue increasing my business growth by 30% or more per year.
Kyle Green, Mortgage Alliance, Meridian Mortgage Services Inc.

Roberto has been a wonderful sounding board, and he asks the right questions at the right time. The questions help us clarify issues, and concerns. He then supports us through the brainstorming for alternatives and solutions. It has been valuable working with Roberto. He brings our firm of less than 10 employees, structure knowledge and our accountability.
Kirk Davis, Davis Benefits and Pensions Ltd.

We have really appreciated the overall approach to the coaching that started from establishing a strong understanding of what our company is now and what we need to do to foster healthy growth. In business, you can often feel like you are working away on an island without someone to provide guidance or feedback as to what you are doing wrong… and most importantly…. what you are doing right!!

Brian Beresford, Bearmark Design & Landscape Ltd.

I really appreciate what you do for me. The last two years have been really rough since the expansion of my practice and your coaching has really helped. I still have LOTS to do, but it is reassuring that I know that I have you in my corner.

Brian Jang, BCJ Group

I’ve had Roberto as my personal business coach (which more or less blends into a life coach) for over 2 years now and I honestly don’t know where I would be right now without him. He’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever met, and has this uncanny ability to zero right in on the core of whatever my problem is even when I can’t articulate it myself. Delightfully and quietly relentless in the pursuit of my success, he keeps me constantly pushing the edge of my comfort zone.

Erik Minty, Transformation Coach

Very organized, knowledgeable, and personal.
If had half the qualities of Roberto I probably wouldn’t need his help.
Big thank you.

Craig Bortolussi, M3 Masonry and Design Inc.

One of my most favorite calls each month is my coaching session with Roberto! He is incredibly gifted with his ability to have huge compassion for all areas of a person’s life PLUS exceptional knowledge of how to teach others to succeed in small business. I highly recommend his coaching program – I have been a client for 3 years !!”
Roni-lil Shapka, Cutco Closing Gifts

A source of inspiration for my job and my personal life, Roberto gave me the opportunity to access a new way of thinking which produced sound results, especially in the way I relate with my clients when presenting a project. He integrates a high level of expertise with a strong empathy. What I like most about him is the fact that you can feel he works with his heart.

Monica De Anna, Creative Communications

Roberto has been an invaluable resource for helping guide myself and our organization towards our goals. His mentorship has helped solve problems and see new opportunities in processes and structure. Roberto’s advice has helped shape our journey and regularly accelerates us with focus and clarity on the essential actions.

Matt Lister, Davis Benefits and Pensions Ltd.